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“Dr. Goldstein acted as my client’s expert in a dental malpractice action. Dr. Goldstein’s initial record review and report, followed by a subsequent amended report based on an in-person evaluation of the client became the cornerstone of a successful settlement. The quality of Dr. Goldstein’s expert opinion provided the backup necessary to challenge the providers defense and ultimately negotiate a successful outcome for the client.  I recommend Dr. Goldstein without reservation.”
Mary F. Courtney, Esq. Pittsfield, MA

Dr. Goldstein was instrumental in achieving a favorable settlement in this case. His attention to detail, timely response to all requests,  and knowledgable and comprehensive approach to the facts of the case were most helpful. I am pleased to offer my recommendation on his behalf.
Gary Thomas, Esq.

“Dr. Goldstein provided my team with a very timely and insightful analysis of the involved malpractice issues.  At his deposition, he gave clear, concise and non-augmentative testimony.  I would certainly use his services again.”
Steve J. Weiss, Esq., Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Dr. Goldstein combines impeccable credentials, including teaching at Yale, with
being extremely well spoken.”
James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., SEAK, Inc., Falmouth, MA

“Dr. Goldstein is articulate, knowledgeable and speaks in a manner people can understand. His thorough and reasoned approach was invaluable.”
Dallas Haines III, Esq., Amesbury, MA

“I have used Dr. Goldstein numerous times for case reviews for the plaintiff. I find him to be a thorough, thoughtful reviewer who gives honest, useful information and will explain his findings in terms that are easy to understand, which is particularly helpful if one doesn’t have any dental experience.  Dr. Goldstein is easy to work with and writes excellent comprehensive reports as well. I highly recommend him as an expert.”
Dorothy Junior, RN, LNC

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